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Bee Conscious Removal
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by Lynn Garric on Bee Conscious Removal

Dear Chris,

I am delighted by the work you did to remove the bees from between the walls of my barn. It was surprising to see how extensive the hive had become. This job was complicated by the fact that woodpeckers had created the entrance hole and filled half of the 4' x 8' cavity with acorns. The rest was filled by hive and honey. You did a great job saving the bees and transferring them. It's been 3 weeks and the building is bee-free. It was fascinating to watch you work, and I appreciate the safe and careful way that you resolved everything.

by Tiffany Kneff, Poperty Manager on Bee Conscious Removal

"Dear Chris,

I just wanted to thankyou for your professional service in removing that GIANT bee colony from one of the rental properties that I manage. I appreciated the intial time you spent with me educationg me on the process and the fact that the bees were relocasted by you, and not killed. I also appreciated your communication during the bee removal process, how well you worked with the tenants who reside at the property, the photos you sent, and your follow up after the removal. I would recommend you without hesitation for other bee removal/relocations and will certainly contact you for future work. I am hopeful that more people will become aware that bees can be safely relocated without destroying their colonies, and will also learn that trying to just poison colonies is not a successful method for hive removal. We learned the hard way on another property. Thank you again for your wonderful service!"

by Richard Tong on Bee Conscious Removal

"Hi Chris, I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the great job you did with the Bees! The maintenance man was up in the attic and was very satisfied with your work. He said you're much more organized than the Bee guy who dealt with the bees at the home right around the corner from my place. No more Bees coming in from the exterior and no more bees in the bathroom. Again, thanks for doing such a great job!"

by Rita Burns on Bee Conscious Removal

“My family had a new roof put on our summer cabin in Guernwood Park last April. The roofers left a small opening which some wild bees found and subsequently took up residence in the space between the ceiling and the roof. Bee Conscious Removal/Chris Conrad did the work in August to remove the colony, which by that time was quite large. He was reliable, efficient, and removed the bees without killing them. I was very pleased with his work and have no reservations recommending him for extraction problems you may have, and do so, enthusiastically!

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions."

by Norma Baumsteiger. on Bee Conscious Removal

“ Bee Conscious Removal carefully removed a large honey bee colony from the walls of my house. The bees had entered at my circuit box and penetrated into the inner walls above the circuit box. Chris carefully removed some of the exterior wall panels and took the hive out-ALIVE! He came to work on time, did good work, and was pleasant to work with. I would recommend him for any bee work."

by Jeff Jividen on Bee Conscious Removal

"I am the Construction Specialist that covers Sonoma & Mendocino Counties in the North Bay. I received a call from a counterpart that works at PG&E last week concerned about a possible honey bee hive in one of our pedestal facilities that was near his home. Having a little knowledge concerning the state of honey bees not only in California, but around the world. I contacted Chris Conrad with Bee Conscious Removal who met me at the site within an hour to assess the situation. That is when we met the neighbor who shares our facility on her lot line. She was in fear that Comcast would simply exterminate the bees.

Well six days later Chris returned with a break in the weather to relocate the hive to a new home. Myself as well as the Network Supervisor met him on site to make sure that during the relocation our customers service would not "bee" interrupted. Both customers were very happy with the result of the relocation.

Our customers, Their Neighbors, & Our Technicians Are Safer & the bees have a new home! Comcast is committed to Excellence, Safety, & The Environment!

Thanks Again Chris for the Awesome & Timely Job!"

by Lynn Garric on Bee Conscious Removal

I'm putting the check in the mail tomorrow for the balance of my bill. Attached is your final invoice from Action Rents. Because you took one set of scaffolding back there was $80 credited to your account. I assume I'm correct in also deducting that $80 from my bill. So instead of a balance of $500, I'm sending you a check for $420. Below is a short testimonial that I'd be happy to have you share on your website. Thanks again for an excellent job.